Security Council Doesn’t Work, Gadhafi Tells U.N.

Corruption Fears Over Afghan Poll

Voting cards are being offered for sale in Afghanistan as the presidential election approaches, an undercover investigation finds. The elections due to take place have come under close scrutiny after an investigation uncovered the open selling of voting cards in many parts of Afghanistan. We managed to buy a handful of cards and have been … Continue reading

Pixelated Faced Babies On The Increase Shock

After an influx of celebrity babies being born with pixelated faces, top doctors both in America and Britain have joined forces to call for a clampdown on such illicit surgery. “Children should be allowed to be seen without fear or prejudice” said top judge Ira Sprinsteen, “ but I have to admit if I ever … Continue reading

UN To Go Cap In Hand After Gaza Ceasefire

Meanwhile, two boys play at being Israeli Commanders amid the rubble of homes in Jebaliya, northern Gaza. It is estimated that about 21,000 homes were destroyed in Israeli attacks. The UN will launch an appeal for $613m to help people affected by Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, the body’s top official says.

Children’s Games That Just Didn’t Sell 2

Mugabe At United Nations Food Sumit In Rome

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