Americans To Give Up Cancer Treatment After Presidential Quote

Americans have welcomed a quote by President Obama in the book ‘Obama’s War’ by Bob Woodward Washington Post Staff Writer, in which he confirmed where the cancer is. ‘We need to make it clear… the cancer is in Pakistan’ Maurine Swartz, a 43 year-old mother of three from Fort Wayne, Indiana welcomed the news after recent … Continue reading

Obama Confirms Intelligence Picks

Nintendo’s Brain Training, Dr Kawashima was both shocked and delighted at being given such a high profile position.

Bush Plans To Provide Practical Guide To Presidency For Obama

Surely some mistake? -Ed.

Obama Team Discusses New Stimulus Plan

Wearing ‘Almost Homeless’ Sign, Ex-President Seeks Work

Like a parody of each other two men in America find themselves looking for employment. Former toy industry executive, Paul Nawrocki who has been walking the streets of New York looking for work since February 2008 and soon to be former President George Bush. Mr Bush who has been very successful in mis handling Americas … Continue reading

Bush Denies Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Hit America As Hard As Previously Thought

Sarah Palin Reveals Republican Election Slogan

Bill Clinton Gets Excited About Hillary And Obama Working Together

George Bush Squares Up To Vladimir Putin Over Georgia

Yee Haw Yee Haw is echoing around the White House as Barmy George gets a last chance to vaporise humanity.Our source within the White House said “Oh Sh*t.” Duck and Cover. By SLAP

George Bush In Off Shore Drilling Boob

President Bush made another of his famous goofs yesterday when questioned on his views regarding off shore drilling. Mr Bush said that he was happy with his current dental plan and had no need to seek treatment outside of the country.

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