Chester Zoo Deny Making Cutbacks Due To Credit Crunch

Great-Apescape Means Clean Sweep Of Zoo’s Security

An escaped chimpanzee made herself at home, raiding a kitchen cupboard and cleaning a toilet before finally falling asleep on sedatives on top of a fridge. Jimba, a 120lb chimp from the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas, escaped from her enclosure on Tuesday when a keeper accidentally left the door to her sleeping quarters open.Jimba … Continue reading

The First Official CCTV Footage Of Panda Mugging Released By Police

Police at Wolverhampton have today released CCTV footage of the recent mugging that occurred at the weekend. Two teenage pandas walked up to an unsuspecting panda in broad daylight and mugged their victim. The victim who wishes to remain anonymous was left shaken after the incident. Apparently it has caused chaos with the male Pandas … Continue reading

After Easter Bunny Strike Holds Zoo Calls On Its Star Attraction To Stand In.

A gorilla carries an Easter basket filled with eggs and treats at the Cincinnati Zoo in readiness for children’s egg hunt.

Panda Porn Causes Some Scorne

Kidderminster Zoo has sparked an out cry from animal rights activist after it was confirmed that one of their star animals, Chiang – Chiang the male panda was allowed to watch an adult panda movie. Chiang-Chiang a six year old male panda from China and Beyonce a five year old female panda born in Essex … Continue reading

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