Syria Crisis Escalates

As Syrian crisis continues John Kerry confirms greater resolve is needed to fight Asad’s regime. Related articles U.S. Secretary of State: Several years may be required for political settlement of crisis ( John Kerry on Syria: Assad has one week to hand over chemical weapons arsenal and avoid attack ( Syria crisis: latest ( Kerry … Continue reading

Mitt Romney Makes Final Push To Woo Women Voters

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney urges American voters to turn out and vote today with a final push to woo voters.

The Rank News Magazine – 1 September 2012

Oscar Nomination After Clint Eastwood Tals At The Republican National Convention- Rank News Magazine Out Now

News In Brief : Moment When Obama Watches Horrific Scenes

David Cameron Gives His View On The News From Pakistan This Morning

Donald Trump’s Obama Rants To Be Made Into A Movie

Related Articles President Trump Is Trumped Up ( Trump: Obama Wasn’t Qualified for Ivy League ( Donald Trump is worrisome ( Trump’s Comb-over Explained…. ( Donald Trump: Obama Not Ivy League Material ( Donald Trump: How did Barack Obama get into Ivies? ( “AP Interviews Donald Trump ~ Trump Speaks Out About How Obama Has … Continue reading

Americans To Give Up Cancer Treatment After Presidential Quote

Americans have welcomed a quote by President Obama in the book ‘Obama’s War’ by Bob Woodward Washington Post Staff Writer, in which he confirmed where the cancer is. ‘We need to make it clear… the cancer is in Pakistan’ Maurine Swartz, a 43 year-old mother of three from Fort Wayne, Indiana welcomed the news after recent … Continue reading

US Army Pulls Out Of Iraq But One Platoon Lost In Transport Fights On

After the recent withdrawal of American Troops from Iraq news reaches our news desk that High Command are looking into a dangerous situation that may stall the current withdrawals. It has come to light that after a mix up with military orders a full platoon has fought in and around a Tie Rack Shop at … Continue reading

Fox News Purity Rings On Sale Now

Fox News Logo

Fox News is starting a Purity campaign in a push to keep President Obama at the forefront of any blame for America’s woes. Support for the campaign across America is growing every day. Everyone knows Obama is Satan disguised as a Muslim disguised as our President,” said former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  ” I … Continue reading

American Home Sales Drop By 12.4%

As American home sales drop by 12.4%. Reports confirm that President Obama is looking to save more on government expenses. Related Articles Horrible Housing News ( New home sales fall 12% in July, down 32% from last year ( US new home sales in sharp fall ( New Home Sales Plunge 12.4% to All-Time Low in … Continue reading

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