That Lib Dem Conference In Photo

Well that’s unanimous then!

Special Investigation : What Does Nick Clegg Actually Do? Secret Diaries Reveal All

With the Prime Minister David Cameron being out of the country this week as he tours the Middle East flogging shooters, the spotlight has fallen on the Deputy PM, who is supposedly ‘minding the shop’ in the meantime. Yet today it transpired that Mr. Clegg has decided to take the rest of the week off, … Continue reading

Cameron No Longer Keeping The Middle East At Arms Length

“This is a precious moment of opportunity for the region and the UK’s arms dealers,” Mr Cameron said. “We stand with the people and governments who are on the side of justice, the rule of law and freedom provided that they can afford our products.” David Cameron confirmed. Related Articles Cameron in defence row on … Continue reading

Rat Catching At 10 Downing A Headache For Larry The Cat

Larry the cat has been unveiled as the official rat catcher at number 10.

Government Forced To Make U-Turn On School Sports

Michael Gove was forced to stand outside the Prime Ministers room today after he was forced to make a U-turn over the governments school sports policy. Tory Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, suffered great embarrassment in back-tracking over his pledge to bin Labour’s flagship school sports programme. The 43-year-old revealed he would now restore almost … Continue reading

Coalition To Tackle Deficit By Going On TV Gameshows

Following the surprising news that Business Secretary Vince Cable is to appear on the Christmas special edition of the hit BBC reality show Strictly Come Dancing, we can exclusively reveal that he is not the only government minister to try his luck at TV. We have received a copy of a Top Secret memo sent by … Continue reading

Nation Agrees New Cameron Photographer Doing A Good Job

Controversy over David Cameron’s employment of a photographer to help with his publicity at a princely sum of £35,000 has however reaped unexpected rewards. A new portrait of Prime Minister Cameron has at least caught him in unexpected good light for a change. “At least I don’t look like a complete Ass” Mr Cameron was reported … Continue reading

David Cameron Denies A ‘Social Cleansing’ Policy

Prime Minister Cameron denied today that he planned to rid London of its poor. The  planned changes to housing benefit, announced in last week’s Spending Review, has been claimed could affect an estimated 17,000 people in London if introduced in full. Several London-based MPs have attacked the proposed new caps, due to come into effect … Continue reading

News In Brief: Cameron Unveils Defence Cuts

It was a cold early morning when four RAF pilots headed not towards their expected planes for flight training but to a disused air hangar. After David Cameron had unveils the extent of the Defence cuts the Royal Air force pilots were each provided with AIRFIX model plane kits in order to carry on with their … Continue reading

Government to Clamp Down on ‘Scrounging’ Tots

  David Cameron announced today the latest part of the Coalition’s plan to reduce the deficit; a war on workshy children.

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