Mitt Romney Makes Final Push To Woo Women Voters

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney urges American voters to turn out and vote today with a final push to woo voters.

Donald Trump’s Obama Rants To Be Made Into A Movie

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The World Looks For Proof Waterboarding Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

Revelations in Former President George Bush’s Biography ‘Decision Points’ state that at least three people were subjected to the controversial method of interrogation ‘waterboarding’ . Mr Bush confirmed it was either that or have Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld get their weeners out and urinate over the suspects.   Related Articles Waterboarding and other ‘Decision Points’ in Bush’s war … Continue reading

American Home Sales Drop By 12.4%

As American home sales drop by 12.4%. Reports confirm that President Obama is looking to save more on government expenses. Related Articles Horrible Housing News ( New home sales fall 12% in July, down 32% from last year ( US new home sales in sharp fall ( New Home Sales Plunge 12.4% to All-Time Low in … Continue reading

Archive News Special: American Public Go Ape After TV Debate

We open yet again our archives and reprint this report following the Republican Party’s live television debate from May 2007. The Republican Presidential Debate, raised more than a few hairy eyebrows a Local Kansas newspaper, Kansas City Plough reported. It would appear that Senator Brownback (Kansas), Governor Huckabee (Arkansas) and a member of the House … Continue reading

Guantanamo Bay Gives Up More ugly Secrets.

Officials at Guantanamo Bay have released footage of one of its inmates who until recently was a closely kept secret. Prisoner B has been held at the military base in Cuba for crimes against fashion and music. Reports have been made recently that a significant player in the war of terror had been kept at … Continue reading

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