Taking Wrong Turn Causes Concern For Transgender Bus Driver

Pre-op transgender bus driver has called for the general public to stop asking him if he is “going straight or turning” on local bus route into Liverpool City Centre. The bus driver will soon be completing his full transformation into a woman later this year in Brazil. The driver we are informed was upset over alleged persistent questions over his sexuality. Mike or Maureen as he likes to now be called confirmed that the torment has been going on for some time now and is asking for union support over the matter.

A regular passenger on the 10 bus route, James Pettigrew a 71 year old pensioner confirmed that the whole matter is getting out of hand. “I get the bus regularly but since the bus driver concerned was moved on to the bus route things have been awkward. I feel the situation is a great misunderstanding indeed. The 10 bus used to go all the way to the Pier Head. Now however, often enough it turns left onto North John street rather than carrying on towards the Pier Head. So now passengers enquire if the bus is going straight or turning. It’s not our fault he gets his knickers in a twist. You should have been on the bus when passengers used to ask if he was going all the way!”

The bus company Maureen works for have said that they too are concerned over the matter but hope that once he has had the operation the problems will soon tail off.

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