New House Of Commons Business Cards To Celebrate Expenses Crisis Issued

Three Little Pigs In Derelict Digs Shame

The three little pigs have today been slapped with an injunction due to their habitual disregard to the town planning laws a council insider has confirmed. The pigs have until now have been successful in repeatedly running away from being served notice by B B Wolf Associates. The injunction was, we can confirm served today … Continue reading

Christiano Ronaldo Denies Taking It Easy During Champions League Final

Buckingham Palace Tells Racist To Stay Away From Garden Party

Buckingham Palace today demanded an apology over news that a far right fascists would be attending a garden party hosted by Her Majesty the Queen. The palace have stated that they do not wish to be associated with such unacceptable views and hope that the person concerned will have second thoughts and save the Queen … Continue reading

Manchester United Release Commerative Champions League Final Shirt

Ronaldo Confirms His And Rooney’s Plans To Target Barcelona Star At Final

Breathing Can Cause Cancer Experts Warn

Breathing could damage your health leading scientists have confirmed. New research by scientists at Manchester University has stated that too much intake of oxygen can lead to cancer. Early test results show that people who breathe too much are more likely to be diagnosed with inoperable cancer. One person who has welcomed the news is … Continue reading

North Korea’s President Denies Nuclear Testing

Somali Gunmen ‘Renounce Piracy’

Around 200 Somali pirates are reported to have renounced piracy at a meeting in northern Somalia. Members of the group met local leaders and Somali expatriates in Eyl, in the autonomous region of Puntland, and promised to halt their activities. The group took the opportunity to confirm that they will now concentrate on their plans … Continue reading

Alan Shearer’s Autobiography Plummets In Price On Amazon

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