Somali Gunmen ‘Renounce Piracy’

Around 200 Somali pirates are reported to have renounced piracy at a meeting in northern Somalia. Members of the group met local leaders and Somali expatriates in Eyl, in the autonomous region of Puntland, and promised to halt their activities.

The group took the opportunity to confirm that they will now concentrate on their plans to join the banking fraternity. This move has been welcome news to the financial sector who have lost a large portion of members due to the economic downturn and more specifically the recent lull in its sector has been brought on my bad publicity.

The IMF have confirmed that they look forward to dealing these self made millionaires, “they are an inspiration to the world.”

The news has also been greeted with great enthusiasm by Great Britain after the recent attack and capture of one of her naval ships by an armed, five man pedalo. Hostages we are informed are to be released later today as long as the naval crew have opened a new deposit account with the First National Somalian Bank.
One Response to “Somali Gunmen ‘Renounce Piracy’”
  1. tonycasey says:

    piracy ..i think the type of piracy they had in mind was the piracy of radio caroline and pirates of the carribean??

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