Richard Littlejohnson’s Christmas Message

Enjoy these lovely reindeer before benefit-scrounging Liverpudlians steal their hooves or whatever else they do

Enjoy these lovely reindeer before benefit-scrounging Liverpudlians steal their hooves or whatever else they do

HO HO HO! Is the appalling kind of urban gutter-talk that lefty agitators are insisting must come from Our Lord and Saviour Santa Claus this Christmas.

For those of you thankfully not ‘in the know’ like the anything-goes tights-wearing pinkoes in the ‘media’ world (oooh hello Edward!), ‘ho’ is a rapper’s word for a prostitute.

Now, nobody hates prostitutes more than me (and really they don’t, just read anything I’ve ever written about them, particularly when they’re murdered) but what’s making me sick-up my turkey dinner this year is the news that American liberals are claiming that Santa is black!

I thought I’d seen some unspeakable horrors in the War on Christmas, worse even than the Holocaust in many ways, but this time they’ve gone too far.

I call on all right-thinking people to join with me (in spirit if not in person, as an important counter-cultural voice in the wilderness I’d really rather not leave the safety of my gated community in Florida) and take to the streets with ungrammatical placards to sing with hearts full of patriotism “I’m insisting on a White Santa, just tell the coloureds to F.O”.

It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad! Christmas Edition!!

News reaches me that the spoilsports in charge at Cairo City Council this year haven’t put up one single Christmas tree!

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, I hear that ideological NHS mandarins in Consett are planning to replace the traditional Christmas dinner with gravy-soaked women’s knickers! Still better than Brussels Sprouts though eh!!

Anyway, that’s all for this year so let me wish you a very merry Christmas*

*Richard’s offer of a very merry Christmas does not include any of the following: lefties, liberals (it’s the same thing, you Bolshevik cowards), so-called intellectuals (see previous), Muslims (well, duh!), Jews, Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies, all the other Romanians and Bulgarians, gays (natch), transsexuals and of course prostitutes. And especially transsexual prostitutes (none of your business).

NB – Richard Littlejohnson reserves the right to withhold his offer of a very merry Christmas to any other group, religious, political or otherwise, at any time of his choosing or for cash.

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