Post Workers Strike For Second Day Shock To Most Of Britain

Members of the public were shocked to hear that a postal strike by members of the Communication Workers Union is now into its second day. It has been a surprise to many to learn of the strike as many in Britain had assumed that the postal service had been scrapped completely years ago.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said its members in areas including London, Northampton, Peterborough, Birmingham and Coventry walked out for 24 hours and are being followed by employees in Bristol, Edinburgh and Peterborough.Strikes will spread to East Anglia on Monday and Stoke-on-Trent on Tuesday. However, this was news to most of the people on the street we interviewed about the current strike.

We asked the general public to give their reaction to this on going dispute.

“Really I wasn’t aware we had a postal service in my area. Is this still the dispute from the 1977 postal strike?” Fred West, Bristol.

“I thought something was up when I actually received a birthday card with money still inside the envelope.” Reginald Crimp, Peterborough.

“They are lazy the postmen in my area. “The postman always rings twice”, what a lie, they cannot even be bothered to put their hands on my knocker!” Daisy Duke Coventry.

The leader of the CWU Ken Stott said: “Royal Mail management is trying to crush the British postal service. They have been criticised by Government for failing to tackle industrial relations problems, yet they still refuse to address the concerns of postal workers. blamed the management of the Post Office for the strike. As for the general public being unaware that we still continue to provide a postal service well it looks like the management at the post office could possibly be facing the sack.

2 Responses to “Post Workers Strike For Second Day Shock To Most Of Britain”
  1. Fred Hamster says:

    United we stand. Divided we fall!

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