Jordan & Alex: They Are Just Drifting Apart!

Jordan has given an exclusive interview today confirming that all is not well since being married to cross dressing fighter, Alex Reid.

The mum of three was pictured looking gloomier than ever on a night out with Alex last week. The couple were constantly booed and heckled whilst watching a fight in Birmingham. One witness at the same venue said, “As they left the venue to get on a minibus, onlookers shouted: “Alex you prick!”

Since her split with pop star Peter Andre and her sudden marriage to Alex life has become unbearable to say the least. Former nanny, Anabele Smith 33, had her doubts on the state of the marriage from day one. “It was getting that bad no one knew just who was supposed to be wearing the knickers in the house anymore.”

Jordan has now confirmed that a rift has developed. The problem is almost at breaking point after she confirmed her left and right breasts no longer see eye to eye.

“They used to hang out together all the time, bosom buddies you could say but now they are no longer the firm friends they once used to be. It has caused arguments between me and Alex after I accused him of feeling a right tit all the time. No wonder my left tit has felt let down lately.”

A special breast pump was seen being delivered to the models house at the end of last week. Her close friends hope that things may now be on the up for the the unhappy couple but as for Alex and Jordan they are not so sure.

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