How Shoppers Get A Sexual Thrill Out Of Seeing A Special Offer

Shoppers who see special offers in the supermarket react as if they were watching pornography or erotic images.

According to new research a coupon can give them just as much excitement as pornography.

One customer Maureen Trestle, 72 year-old  from Bognor Regis confessed that she gushes like a bucket whenever she comes across special offers at her local supermarket.

“I go weak at the knees, seriously, especially when Fish Fingers are on special offer. I cannot wait to buy them. I usually wait till my husband is at work when I go hunting for any bargains and once I have my Fish Fingers I am straight home and slip a few in to my frying pan. Mind you it is best if air fresheners are also on offer as the smell can be very strong sometimes!”

Researchers wired up 50 male and female volunteers and monitored their eye movements and emotional responses to a series of everyday consumer products.

Marketing experts believe the average shopper makes up their mind about whether or not to buy something within two seconds of seeing it so offers often need to stand out.

The researchers from the University of Westminster used a system called iMotion which measures the body’s emotional responses on a scale of one to ten.

Harry Starky, a 45 year-old from Ipswich confirmed that the research results corresponded with his and his wife’s own experiences.

“I was shopping in town with Jane my wife last weekend when we both spotted a special offer in the shop we were in. To be honest the pair of us just wanted to get down and dirty right there in the shop we felt so horny. It’s not often you see a special offer for a Jessica Rabbit Vibrator and a free Gimp Ball for only £29.99!”

Ken Stott of the Institute said: ” It’s early days but these results indicate a correlation between high emotional response and sales uplift. Failing that British consumers may just be a bunch of dirty sexual shopping deviants!”

One Response to “How Shoppers Get A Sexual Thrill Out Of Seeing A Special Offer”
  1. Leonard says:

    Who woulD have thought that a great date would be bargain hunting?? I’m a computer bargain hunter myself. In fact, my business is based on that technology. But,after reading this maybe my wife and I will spend more time at the markets and retail stores loking for DEALS!!

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