Millions To Move To Iran Over World of Warcraft Sanctions


Millions of parents across the world call for tougher sanctions to block World of Warcraft (WOW) in their homes otherwise they will move to Iran.

Blizzard confirmed they have removed access to Iranian players as they were following strict US trade sanctions between the US and Iran. The problem came to light when players in Iran posted messages on Blizzard’s European forums saying that they could no longer access the game. 

Now millions of parents across the world are asking why sanctions cannot apply in other countries too.  Parents have inundated game makers Blizzard official website with emails asking them to cut off access to the World of Warcraft in their countries too or they will be forced to move to save their children.

Maria Agregado from Barcelona is hoping sanctions will be implemented to stop her teenage son from wasting his life away playing WOW online. 

“To be honest with you its is not that he spends most of his time in his room that bothers me as he his a clumsy oaf and he would only clutter up my living room anyway.” she said.

“The thing I hate the most is that he insists on wearing his Death Knight costume when he helps me shop in the local market. Have you ever tried to shop with someone wearing a leather costume which has hundreds of skulls adorning its shoulder plates? Its embarrassing ”

Blizzard have not confirmed what their response is likely to be. However, it is unlikely that the US Government is going to enforce sanctions on every country.

This has not stopped millions of parents across the planet from inundating WOW’s creators with pleading emails. 

Edna Winterbottom from Ipswich was eagerly waiting a reply from Blizzard after emailing the company due to years of stress her son has put her through whilst being caught up in a world of fantasy and warmongering.

“It’s been terrible.You cannot imagine what it is like living with a child who is obsessed with spending all their life playing an online game!”

“He will not do anything to help me in the house and as soon as he is back from school he disappears in to his bedroom and is straight on to Warcraft.”

“I have pleaded with him that he has to stop but it falls on deaf ears but perhaps that has something to do with the Ogre mask he insists on wearing in the house.”

“The other morning he informed me that he’d killed the hoards of Trolls from Ragnar with his mighty Ogre sword during the night and then promptly asked me to ring his school and tell them he wouldn’t be in as he had the sniffles. It was then that I realised this had to stop once and for all, he is the blasted headmaster for goodness sake. People in Iran just don’t know how lucky they are now sanctions have kicked in.”

As a response from Blizzard is awaited by millions of parents across the world, support groups are being formed to help those living in a chain-mail hell.

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