Jamie Redknapp Finally Breaks His Silence : Yes I Smashed It

Even this funny little guy 'Smashed It'. Is everyone at it?

Sky Sports football pundit Jamie Redknapp has at long last answered the question that had been on the Nation’s mind since the Keys/Gray Sexismgate scandal broke last month.

 The former England international has spoken out in a bid to quell rampant internet speculation as to whether or not he did actually “smash” the mystery woman so despicably referred to by appalling sexist Sasquatch Richard Keys.

Redknapp, the son of loveable professional cockney and Tottenham manager, Harry, said he hopes that his candid confession can now bring the sorry saga to a close.

“With Andy and Richard starting their new jobs on Talksport next week, I thought it would best to literally put this matter to bed once and for all. So for the avoidance of doubt, I can confirm that I did indeed smash it.


However, I must clarify that whilst I was, as Richard so correctly pointed out, ‘hanging out the back of it’, this must not be seen as a slight on the slackness of the vagina and or anus of the young lady in question. The truth is simply that I have an enormous freak-sized cock. If you don’t believe me, ask any of the lads I played with at Liverpool. Especially Paul Ince. He was very impressed I can tell you.”

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