Prime Roasting In Car Protesting

Protest against the government’s plans to install spy devices in all motor vehicles for the purpose of charging the motorist by the mile takes a further step towards civil unrest but this time from the country set.

This very unpopular act has brought many of Britain’s protestors out on the roads in protest. The initial alarm bells were sounded by the Epping Forrest Dogging Club who has been using a large network of their members to send emails to friends and families across the nation.

Mr Collimore of the Dogging Club Great Britain confirmed, “It’s a disgrace that our own government is willing to tax us even further than they already do so now. Many of my members are very angry indeed and want to take action to stop the government. However, under the circumstances they wish to remain anonymous. The fact the government may soon be able to tax you via a hidden camera in your vehicles is sickening to say the least. What our members do in their cars is their business, but not literally. They are willing to come out of the fields and hedgerows of this country and advance on parliament.” Mr Collimore would not confirm how many members he has seen willing to push on this matter but he did confirm it would make ones eyes bulge with the cut a thrust of the size of its members.

We asked if this meant that the other non affiliated groups and organisations that enjoy these outdoor pursuits would be coming together for the first time, to protest at such underhandedness by the government. “I doubt very much that the entire dogging community would be willing to entertain such an idea. There are far too many differences between most of the smaller clubs and groups and the bigger organisations. We are however, very willing to offer a hand of support should they wish to join us in our protest.” Mr Collimore explained.

It is obvious to an outsider looking in on the activities of these like minded groups that this is definitely something that could quite possibly explode in the face of the governments plans by such dogged opposition. Watch out Prime Minster you could be opening Pandora’s Box in your own back yard some day soon.

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