Royal Plot A Lot Of Crock

Did Prince Phillip kill Lady Diana and her boyfriend? Mr Al Fayed who has pursued this matter vigorously in the courts is determined to get to the truth no matter how much he pays for it. Rumours still circulate over this often asked question so much so a written denial from Buckingham Palace has been issued on behalf of the Prince.

Prince Phillip did not plot to kill Lady Diana, his daughter in law in a Paris
tunnel. He did not at any time plot with the security services to rid his son of
his former wife. Any rumours to the contrary have no substance what so ever and
are fully denied. As for Prince Phillip kidnapping and then forcing Mr Al
Fayed’s hamster to gnaw through the break wires of the car that Lady Diana was
being driven in is a complete and utter lie.

Police have issued a picture of the alleged suspect mentioned in court by Mr Al Fayed. They have said that anyone who sees the suspect should not approach him as he is dangerous and is likely to attack with his killer like teeth. They should contact the Metropolitan Police immediately.

Will the truth ever be told? Does Mr Al Fayed have proper proof of a royal conspiracy? Does anyone care?

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