We Ask Is Pete Burns Dead Or Alive?

Pete Burns formally of Dead or Alive has stated in the papers that he is in the process of taking his plastic surgeon to court. Mr Burns has for sometime now felt that his last lot of surgery has made him a laughing stock in the eyes of the general public. He tasted fame the other year when he was one of the celebrities at the Big Brother house. However, since the publicity has died down he has instructed his solicitor to seek legal action against Dr Frank. N. Steiner of the Coy Carp Plastic Surgery Centre in Kirby Liverpool.

We contacted Dr Steiner and asked for a response to Mr Burns accusations. Dr Steiner a respected surgeon in the Kirby area replied, “I am very upset at this slur on my surgical reputation. I have been working in this field for years now and fortunately I have just managed to build a surgery on it. I am a renowned plastic surgeon and I can assure you I did my utmost best with the poor standard of face I had to work with. If he wants to make an issue of it tell him to take it out of my face.”

We asked the Dr to confirm where he feels things may have possibly gone wrong with Mr Burns’s surgery, “I can only say that I did my best. However, looking back at the patient’s records I did note he had given a picture of what he hoped surgery would leave him looking like when he woke from surgery. I can only say this may have caused problems.”

We have acquired a copy of the photo held on Pete Burns file at the surgery and can only assume the doctor was right after all.

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