Lesbians Not Allowed To Touch Woman’s Puppies?

In a legal breakthrough, a court in Stockholm has ruled that Swedish lesbians cannot be stopped from buying puppies.
The victory for equal puppy rights came in the appeals court, which upheld an earlier ruling which awarded damages to a lesbian who was refused service when trying to buy a puppy at a kennel.
The woman had been trying to buy a puppy at the kennel in Värmdö, a suburb of Stockholm, after the kennel owner had placed an advert in the paper. Things all seemed to be going well – until the woman mentioned that she and her partner would have plenty of time to care for the dog.
When it emerged that the woman’s partner was also a woman, at which point the kennel owner (another woman) called the sale off, saying she didn’t like lesbians looking at her puppies.
The kennel owner explained that she didn’t trust homosexuals, because she’d read that transvestites were connected to animal pornography. Not that that makes any sense, but there you go.
The puppy-less lesbian reported the case to HomO, the Swedish Ombudsman against Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation, which sent the case to the courts.
The confused anti-lesbian kennel owner has now been ordered to pay 20,000 kronor in damages, and 45,000 kronor in HomO’s legal fees. So it was more like, “Lassie Didn’t Come Out” nor “Go Home”.

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