Amy Winehouse Attacked Fan To Save Tits

The truth emerged today as to why Amy Winehouse attacked a fan at the Glastonbury festival. Our exclusive picture shows that her scruffy beehive is now the habitat of 3 young brown tits . We spoke to an wildlife expert who said ” Amy’s hair is so dirty and scruffy it has created a perfect … Continue reading

Who Ever Did The Mime Did The Crime

After last night’s television documentary “Girl in a Box”, the real life case of an American hitch hiker who was kidnapped by a family and was locked in a box for 10 years unbeknown to her family. It has been brought to our attention that this isn’t a lone case at all. Our research team … Continue reading

The Global News Terrorists Weekend Magazine

Movie Watch: Teeth

“I wouldn’t mind I only came in for a new Crown and a Filling!” Comedian Alan Carr works hard at suppressing his budding sexuality by being the local chastity group’s most active participant. His task is made even more difficult by his bad boy stepbrother Justin’s increasingly provocative behavior in the TV studio. A stranger … Continue reading

Spot The Difference

Labour Rebels Force Alistair Darling To Retreat On Car Tax

Men Have Declared They Will Not Go Near Rubber Again

Spotted On Ebay

Blue Peter?

Blue Peter Presenter Valerie Singleton Confesses To Affair With Peter Pervis

After The Recent Downpour Gloucester Reveals It’s Official 2008 Summer Postcard

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